LeRoy Farmers' Market
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2022 Le Roy Farmers' Market

4:00 to 6:30 PM, Thursdays June 9 - October 6

After suspending our market last year to avoid spreading COVID-19
we are happy this year to reopen our outdoor market for 2022.

Some vendors are listed on our Facebook page where you can interact with them.

The Farmers' Market - Downtown
Downtown LeRoy MN Map
There is plenty of close-up parking so you won't need to walk very far.

Where is LeRoy?

LeRoy is on Minnesota Highway 56, between mileposts 6 and 8. In other words it is just north of the IA-MN state line near US 63 that runs between Waterloo IA and Rochester MN.  LeRoy is also 30 miles SE of Austin, MN and not far from Interstate 90 that angles between Austin and Rochester.

Recreational Visitors to Our Area

LeRoy is near the eastern end of the Shooting Star Scenic Byway (MN 56, milepost 0 to 31 at I90 near Austin.)

The eastern trailhead of the Shooting Star Recreational Trail is next to the high school athletic field. Right away it crosses the Upper Iowa River on the historic Chicago Great Western railroad bridge and then traverses Lake Louise State Park which has both regular camping and horse camping facilities in season. (No park fees are required for trail-only users.)  Beyond that the trail mostly follows MN 56 all the way to Austin's Hormel Nature Center, a total of about 30 miles of nicely maintained blacktop with well spaced rest stops, places to eat, lots of shade and even camp sites.

In the past few years quite a few recreational visitors have shopped at the market. As far as we know, the farthest away was from Washington, D.C.

Specific Directions to the Farmers' Market in Downtown LeRoy

  1. The outdoor location is the main intersection of the business district on Main Street which is also MN 56
    In case of bad weather it is one block west at the LeRoy Community Center. 
  2. Plenty of easy to-get-to parking is right there on the street at either location.
  3. If you need more guidance to finding us, just use your favorite mapping program for specific driving directions.